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Back from Roatán: A Week Away, A New Perspective

Returning from a week in Roatán, I’ve noticed a few things that shed light on how a short break can change your perspective on home:

Feeling the Chill

After basking in Roatán’s warmth, the 47º F temperature back home feels surprisingly cold. It’s amusing how quickly my definition of “chilly” has shifted.

Order in Traffic

Roatán’s roads lack the structure and rules we’re accustomed to at home. Suddenly, the traffic here seems notably organized, emphasizing the contrast.

Haste in Restaurants

The leisurely pace of Roatán’s restaurants is replaced by the speedy service back home. Ordering, food delivery, and settling the bill happen swiftly, giving a sense of being rushed compared to the island’s laid-back vibe.

Yearning for the Ocean View

The ability to gaze at the ocean from our porch in Roatán, even when not at the beach, creates a unique atmosphere. Now, surrounded by winter’s monotone brown scenery at home, I find myself missing that vibrant blue view.

Realizing Culture Shock

These observations highlight the reality of culture shock, illustrating how a week away unveils fresh perspectives on familiar surroundings. Has this ever happened to you after returning from vacation? What are the things you noticed more when you got home?

Published Feb 18, 2024

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